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Football players can be very picky when it comes to their equipment. Players like to wear the most comfortable and protective equipment no matter what company makes it. Each player is unique and you'll find that they wear equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers, some who are well known and some who aren't so popular. Of course, if you're good enough, many of the top players are paid big bucks by equipment manufacturers to wear their brand of gear.

Since we're talking about your health and well-being here, it's important that you buy equipment that's built to protect you, is comfortable and is also durable. As we're not all pros, most players don't have the option of trying out different items of free equipment on a daily or weekly basis. Most of us have to spend our hard-earned cash on equipment and hope that we've made the right choice. Every player has a different opinion about equipment and comfort, though, and what's good for some players isn't necessarily good for others.

However, when you see the majority of players wearing a certain brand of helmet, for example, or cleats, there's obviously a good reason for it and that is because the equipment does its job and is comfortable to wear. We can't tell you what brand of equipment to wear or what type football to use, but we can give you some information on some of the more popular and most widely used types of equipment and gear. Hopefully, some of the information we provide you with may help you in some way during your search for the “perfect' piece of football equipment.

We'll share our insight with you on some of the best brands and types of footballs, youth equipment, training equipment, cleats, helmets, gloves, and shields, and we'll also let you know what some of the best deals are in our best cheap football equipment section.

It doesn't matter what we tell you, though; an item of football equipment must fit you, protect you and satisfy you. Don't let anybody pressure you into wearing a piece of equipment just because of the name of the brand that's stamped onto it. Make sure you're comfortable with every piece of equipment you wear and that it's in good working order and doesn't restrict your movement in any way. The proper equipment may not raise your skill level, but it'll at least protect you properly and will give you the confidence you need to play the game the way it's meant to be played.