Best Football Helmets

Don't lose your head over a game

A lot of football players are pretty hard-headed, but that's no reason to play a game without properly protecting your noggin. You're born with only so many brain cells and once they start dying off there's no way to replace them. It's essential that you protect your head every time you practice and play tackle football as head injuries can sometimes lead to death. Make sure you look for a football helmet that has adequate protection, is cool and comfortable, and fits you properly.

Three of the top football helmets are:

Riddell Revolution Helmet

  • Air inflatable helmet
  • Built for maximum comfort and protection
  • Comes with inflatable liners and Z-Pads
  • Has an extended Tru-Curve shell
  • Comes standard with G2B or G2BN Faceguard
  • Exclusive polycarbonate Lexan shell
  • Six vent holes to help keep you cool and dry
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel hardware
  • A mid hook-up soft cup chinstrap
  • Push-in valve retainers and plugs
  • Built-in T-nut wrench
  • Available in small to extra large sizes
  • Five-year shell warranty
  • Certified to meet the NOCSAE standard
Riddell Revolution Helmet

This baby has basically been the king of the football helmets since it came out in 2002 as it's worn by thousands of high school, college and pro players around the world. The Riddell Revolution is designed for the purpose of reducing concussions by being built with extended jaw protection, increased side padding, an integrated facemask attachment system, weight balance redistribution and elliptical air vents to keep you cool and dry. The curved shell extends to the jaw area and is computer designed around the head's center of gravity for front-to-back fit and stability. The Z-pads protect the side of your head and jaw, where concussions are caused.

The helmet's air fit system inflates the padding to give a custom fit to every player's head shape. The Revolution also increases the distance from the shell to your head and the faceguard system is built to isolate the attachment points of the guard from the shell to reduce jarring from low-level impacts. This may be a lightweight helmet, but the protection, fit and comfort is excellent. You can get the helmet in all NFL team styles and are also custom made. They sell for about $200, but are well worth it.

Schutt DNA Helmet

  • Advanced Skydex cushioning technology for comfort and protection
  • Spherical shape to deflect impacts from helmet-to-helmet hits
  • Treated with Ultra-Fresh to help stop bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Functional ventilation system to help keep you cool and dry
  • Rust resistant stainless steel hardware
  • Slots for inside fitting chin straps
  • Consistent fit and protection
  • Comes with a lightweight, stainless steel faceguard
  • Fits players without the need for fitting accessories
  • Lateral air liner which custom fits the back and sides of the helmet
  • Crown air liner custom fits the top of the helmet
  • Meets NOCSAE standards
  • Available in youth models
Schutt DNA Helmet

If the Riddell Revolution is the king, then the Schutt DNA is definitely the prince, as it's also a superb piece of head protection equipment worn by many top competitive players. The spherical shape of the helmet is designed so that any head to head helmet collisions will just become glancing blows instead of full speed, head on impacts. The company's exclusive Skydex cushioning offers a lot of protection and comfort as it doesn't break down quickly like a lot of helmet foam seems to do. The cushioning also conforms to the shape of your head to give you a consistent fit every time you wear the helmet. One other bonus which I'm sure you'll appreciate is the Ultra Fresh treatment which protects the helmet from bacteria, mildew, fungus and staining. I know football's a tough sport, but there's nothing wrong with feeling fresh and clean while playing. The Surefit Air Liner is another great feature as it lets you fit the helmet without the need for any fitting accessories. If you look around you should be able to find a DNA helmet for as low as $170.

Adams A Three Helmet

  • Polycarbonate shell, pre-drilled for faceguard attachment
  • High or low hook-up chinstrap
  • Expanded polypropylene liner
  • Standard 3/8? EVA liner
  • Optional 5/8? EVA liner available
  • Adams Air Fit System available
  • Temple Pods provide secure fit in traditionally hard to fit areas
  • Locking edge system to keep liner in place
  • Universal jaw pads
  • tainless steel hardware
  • Snap posts for use with chin strap
  • Nose bumper to protect bridge of nose
  • Meets NOCSAE standards
Adams A Three Helmet

The Adams A Three helmet is basically an adult version of the company's Y Three youth helmet and it's a pretty sturdy model. It's made with a strong polycarbonate shell which is pre-drilled for a faceguard. However, be aware that the faceguard has to be bought separately. The A Three has an expanded polypropylene liner and a 3/8" EVA foam liner to keep you comfortable and protected. If you'd like to add a little extra protection you can buy a 5/8" EVA liner and the Adams Air Fit System liner which are also sold separately. The helmet does a good job of keeping the liner in place and it gives you a pretty secure fit. It also protects you pretty well with universal jaw pads and it's got a nose bumper to shelter the bridge of your nose. Overall, the helmet's very protective, lightweight, and comfortable, and keeps you pretty cool during play. You should be able to pick one up for less than $100.