Best Youth Football Equipment

Today's youngsters will be tomorrow's stars

Although football can be a pretty expensive game to play and quite rough as well, it's still one of the most played sports by youngsters in North America . If you're going to outfit a young player make sure you get proper fitting equipment that's also built for protection. I'm sure everybody has seen a youngster out on the field at one time or another in equipment that's way too big and just hanging off of the kid. If you want your child to become a better football player it's going to be pretty hard to do with ill-fitting equipment. If a youngster can't move properly out on the field he or she is going to get discouraged very quickly, not knowing it's actually the equipment that's dragging them down, not their skills. So, when you buy gear for your children, treat it the same way you would when buying it for yourself. There's a lot of equipment out there that's built especially for the young player.

Three of the best items of youth football are:

Adams Grid Elite Youth Helmet

  • ABS anatomically correct shell for comfort and fit
  • Energy dispersement ridge for stability also allows back of shell to conform to head
  • Lightweight helmet with solid protection
  • Rear helmet shell offset conforms to shape of rear skull
  • Extended ear holes for easy removal and ventilation
  • Venturi Vents for air circulation and heat dissipation
  • Left rear inflation air-port for easy helmet inflation
  • Stiff skeleton structure supports shell construction and assists in softening impacts
  • Cushioned closed-cell pad for comfort, fit and energy management
  • Front EVA liner fits contour of forehead by surrounding front pad assembly
  • Front pad assembly enables easy access to T-nuts for face mask
  • Soft, comfortable front pad
  • Meets NOCSAE standards
Adams Grid Elite Youth Helmet

The Grid Elite helmet from Adams is a fine piece of equipment for young players up to junior high school level. It's a lightweight helmet that has all the protection a youngster needs. The helmet's built for the shape of a youngster's head and is well cushioned and padded for comfort and protection. The ear holes are extended, making it easy to put the helmet on and take it off. These holes, along with the Venturi vents will also keep you cool and ventilated while playing. This is an inflatable football helmet so you know it's going to fit properly and the air port in the left rear makes it easy to get at. It's a very solid and comfortable helmet, and one of the best on the market. The average price for a Grid Elite helmet is about $100.

Douglas JCP 36 Shoulder Pads

  • Great for all positions
  • Double hook-ups and extended shell design
  • Snug and comfortable fit for taller junior players
  • The extended shell provides maximum shoulder and torso protection
  • Sleek profile for better mobility and arm extension for all positions
  • Air management system disperses impacts and lessens blows
  • Hand-made in USA
Douglas JCP 36 Shoulder Pads

The Douglas JCP 36 is an excellent set of shoulder pads for a young, budding football player. These pads offer great protection while still giving you all the mobility needed for any position. The padding is exceptionally strong in the shoulder and torso areas because of the extended design. The foam cushioning is made of thousands of small air cells which are trapped inside to help disperse the impacts and let you carry on playing with minimal effect on your body. The pads are light enough to let you retain your speed and also keep you from soaking yourself in sweat. The fit is comfortable and snug, especially for taller youngsters. You should be able to get your hands on a pair of these fine pads for about $100

BIKE Laser 1000 Marblized Shoulder Pads

  • Various sizes for jr. high, middle school, and elementary school players
  • Lightweight, but strong pads
  • Soft, thick, dual-density body arch pad foam padding
  • Padded neck collar
  • Extended front and back body arch pad for extra protection
  • Made with storm-proof nylon taffeta to disperse moisture and sweat
  • Plastic front kick plates for sternum and chest protection
  • Webbed flap
  • Tough steel spring arch T-hook hardware attachments
BIKE Laser 1000 Marblized Shoulder Pads

These shoulder pads from BIKE are ideal for young players up to junior high school age. They're very lightweight and don't weigh you down at all. However, they're made with strong protective qualities such as a padded neck collar, and dual-density foam padding. They also have plastic kick plates to make sure your chest and sternum don't take a beating and the extended padding at the front and back is also a good feature for extra protection. You don't have to worry about getting hot and sweaty with the Laser 1000 pads as the nylon taffeta material does a fine job of dispersing moisture to keep you cool and comfortable while playing. These pads sell for about $45 at many sports stores.